I came across a rather old article about a new system the state government is designing. It’s a master identity database of Virginia residents for use by state agencies using the DMV records as its basis. This system is suppose to help weed out frauds and helps residents do business with the state more easily. Such as transferring the title of a vehicle to its new owner. With this new system that could be done online instead of at a DMV location. They would achieve all of this by creating an e-ID for each voluntarily registered person. An e-ID is non-traceable and non-linkable unique ID to a single entity based on the entities characteristics. In simpler terms a virtual representation of someone’s drivers license or ID. So it creates an account for them and allows state officials to verify their information in turn enabling more complex transactions to be done on the web.

As one can imagine this whole idea could be quite controversial with the increase in hackers, and leak of vital top secrete information. In this age where everything is beginning to be done electronically, it becomes necessary to protect such important ¬†information. I’m all for doing more things online, I believe its convenient, mostly hassle free, and best of all quick and easy. However making information more efficient and accessible for the user also makes it easier to potentially end up in the wrong hands. If the this e-ID can be safely protected then it’s a great idea. We are definitely headed towards a higher grade of technology, why not start now beginning with this system and safe guarding it from unwanted users.